This Florida Keys wood "Conch" house was originally built in Tavernier by pioneers Roger and Sarah Albury in 1922, who lived there for almost 40 years, surviving two major hurricanes - the famous 1935 "Labor Day" and "Donna" in 1960.  The house was lifted off its foundation and floated some distance both times, but remained intact.  The original owners of the house the Alburys, had to tie their children to the beds during the labour day hurricane to 'prevent them floating away'.  It stood vacant for ten years until 1971 when it was purchased by multi-millionaire industrialist Cyrus Eaton and his wife Anne for $1 - on the condition that they move it off the land.

Anne had already chosen a spot on Lower Matecumbe, 14 miles to the south.  The original 35' x 50' house was sawed in half and trucked slowly down Overseas Highway in the middle of the night.  The narrow bridges, just 18 feet wide allowed a scant 3 inch clearance on each side.  The house was set up on the Eaton's new oceanfront property and completely restored to its 1922 pristine condition.

The Eaton's called their new retreat 'The Last Resort' because at the time nothing was plumb, level or  fit quite right.  After her husband's death, Anne made this her permanent home from 1980 where she played hostess to many guests including a US President and his wife. Anne passed away in 1992 and is remembered as a courageous woman, who, though stricken with polio at 25, spent her life campaigning for world peace and the preservation of the natural and historic surroundings she dearly loved, and in fact 'Anne's beach' in Lower Matecumbe is named after her as a tribute to her conservationalism.

The house was purchased by a German national and his Miami based model wife following Anne's death.

In 2000 'The Last Resort' was bought by the current owner Greg.  Together with his Irish wife, Michèle they lovingly maintain the original and historic ambience of this almost 100 year old property, while upgrading elements to ensure guests have a true Keys experience worthy of this exceptional house. 

Again the property has survived 2 major hurricanes, one that took two Irish guests by surprise on their last day.  At least they were smiling as they took photographs, up to their knees in water in the front garden.  The other hurricane (Rita) transformed the beach of sand into a beach of seaweed.  Luckily the house has survived through all of mother natures' wrath since 1922.

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